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The Quiet Beauty of Wood Watches

The wood watches have become very popular in the last several years, and their popularity continues to grow. Why do the people would prefer wearing a wooden watch instead of a standard one, made of metal or plastic? There are many good reasons for that.

Every wooden watch is unique

Unlike the majority of wristwatches, there will never be a wooden watch exactly like yours, it’s literally impossible. Each watch is crafted from real wood that is unique in its texture, grain, and color. So buying a wood watch you can be sure that there’s no other watch like yours.

Wooden watches are eco-friendly

Wood is probably the most eco-friendly material. By its very nature, it is biodegradable, and the resources needed to produce anything from wood are simply incomparable to the ones needed to produce the same object from other materials. Trees grow everywhere in the world, on all continents of the Earth. As we move towards more sustainable forestry practices, we’ve increased the amount of usable wood. This makes wood watches eco-friendly and sustainable as climate change rages. One of the most popular types of wood used for our watches is bamboo. A hardwood that grows quickly and produces a low carbon footprint compared to other woods. 

Moreover, we at Manawa are truly committed to preserving nature. For every watch we sell, we plant a tree. For anyone genuinely caring about the sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystem, purchasing a wooden watch is a great way to contribute to the protection of nature.

Wooden watches are really rare

How many people do you know has a wood watch? That’s right. Not only every watch made from wood is unique – there are simply very few people owning them. Wearing something so unordinary is fun, not to mention the fact that, as you will soon find out, your wooden watch is a great conversation starter.

Wooden watches are the most comfortable watches out there

Since wooden watches are so light-weight, easily adjustable and come in different sizes, most people will find them extremely comfortable. They are also a great choice for people who have metal allergies, or who are more sensitive to the heat or cold of a metal watch.


Wooden watches are the perfect gift

If you have been worrying extensively to decide on a gift for your best friend on their birthday, or you were looking for an anniversary gift, then wooden watches should be your ultimate choice. Wooden watches make up for great gifting accessories as they are unique and are crafted with the utmost care, their glossy finished look and aesthetic natural wood beauty can’t be ignored.

Plus, here at Manawa, we offer customization, letting you engrave a loving or funny quote on the back case of the wooden watch, making it the perfect and most personal gift.


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