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Are the watches made of real wood?

Yes, they are. The wood we use comes from all over the world and is selected in several criteria. Our top priority is to be deliver sustainable products to our customers.

We use woods such as Ebony, Zebra-wood, Bamboo, Sandalwood and others. The wood used in every watch is indicated on its respective product page.


Are the watches waterproof?

No, our wooden watches are not waterproof. However, they are splash proof, so some light rain will not hurt your watch. Do not wear them in the shower or when going for a swim.

*Considering we use 100% all-natural wood, prolonged exposure to water isn't recommended. Over time water will penetrate the wood and can leave stains.


What movement powers your Watches?

Most of our watches we use a high quality, high precision, Japanese Quartz Movement. 


Will the watch fit my wrist?

Of course! The strap can be adjusted by removing some links from it. This is easily done by a jeweler, a watchmaker, or yourself. Your watch will include a little tool for you to easily adjust the strap.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments made through PayPal and Coinbase Commerce (Cryptocurrencies).


How long do the shipping of my order take?

Due to high demand, please expect 2-3 weeks after order processing to receive your package depending on your location and customizing option.